UPP Evo VIII/IX Turbo Kit

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When it comes to adding power to your EVO we've got you covered with our new line of top mount turbo systems. Our systems features T304 Stainless Steel construction, thick Sch 10 manifold runners, tig welded, and MADE IN THE USA; right here in house. And of course we back this up with a lifetime warranty. Designed as a bolt-on application, with a variety of turbo sizes to suite your needs.  This kit features a top mount design and comes with everything needed for a simple bolt-on installation.


System Includes:

  • UPP-6182R Ball Bearing Turbo (capable of 600+ whp) 

  • UPP Tubular Manifold 

  •  3" Down Pipe 

  • 40mm TurboSmart Wastegate

  • Air Intake

  • Oil Restrictor/Drain Flanges 

  • Stainless Steel Braided Oil Feed/Return Line w/AN Fittings

  • Optional Coolant Banjo Flanges


Not only do we provide the utmost performance with our turbo systems, but we stand behind them. All of our turbos come with an industry first 2 yr warranty, and all of our manifolds/piping comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Top this off with a customer service support that's second to none! It's no wonder so many people choose UPP for their forced induction needs!


For our EVO turbo system we just simply couldn't skimp. We packed this kit with a UPP-6182R ball bearing turbo (comparable to a GT35R) capable of over 600WHP. The large trim design on this compressor allows for very stable operation at higher psi, while still providing good spool characteristics.


This powerful setup is exactly what you need to get your car moving! Fueling and tuning are an absolute must with this setup. Because of the limitation of the MAF, speed-density tuning is strongly recommended. We now also offer options to include a GM 3 Bar MAP sensor and Tactrix tuner cable.

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