All dyno-tuning is done in-house on our Dynocom AWD dynamometer. It is capable of measuring 1800+ wheel horse power PER AXLE with our TWIN Eddy load absorbers. These Eddy load units are two of the largest in the industry, capable of bringing a 600hp car to a dead stop at WOT. What does this mean for you? Control!!! No matter what the power, what the scenario, we can simulate it! All dynos claim to be accurate, but are they repeatable? Others claim to be the "heart-breaker"....but when is the last time you walked into a hardware store and asked for a yard stick, but demanded that it was 6" too short!!! Here at UPP, we do not mess around, we do not play games, your numbers are your numbers, and you deserve them, for better or worse. We never manipulate the dyno to make ourselves look good, nor others look bad. For safety reasons, vehicle and dyno will be opperated by dyno opperator, even when tuning yourself.


Our tuner specializes in fuel injection and forced induction tuning. With our vast experience in tuning, we can tune just about any software/hardware combinations including: -HP Tuners (GM/Ford/Chrystler) -Delta Force Tuning (Ford) -SCT -Hondata (Honda) -Chrome (Honda) -Neptune (Honda) -K-Pro (Honda) -KTuner -Flash Pro (Honda) -ECU Flash (Mitsubishi/Subaru) -DSM Link (Mitsubishi) -Tuner Pro (Ford/Chevy/Mitsubishi/Nissan) -*New UpRev (Nissan) -AEM EMS -AEM FIC -AEM Infinity -Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner -EFI-Live -Hydra EMS -DIY - PnP -Megasuirt -Haltech -Motec -Autronic -Power FC -F.A.S.T -Holley Terminator/Dominator -Pro EFI -Holley Carb -Edelbrock Carb -Demon Carb -Pump Gas, C16, E85, Methanol, Meth Injection -ITBs -Nitrous: Wet, Dry, Direct Port


Because we believe in value of our customers, we believe in doing things honest and fair. Because of this when we sought tuning platforms we opted for those that did not require unnecessary hardware that you, the customer, would have to foot the cost on. We have tried to limit the use of unnecessary hardware so your hard earned money can be applied elsewhere, resulting in a faster car, and a happier customer; after all that is our #1 goal. Because of this we have opted not to tune the following: (Usually we encourage customers to "uninstall" the hand held units from their cars and sell them, thereby offsetting the cost of the tuning) -Diablo -Cobb AP -Superchips -Edge