Dyno Tuning

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The Dyno
All dyno-tuning is done in-house on our Dynocom AWD dynamometer. It is capable of measuring 1800+ wheel horse power PER AXLE with our TWIN Eddy load absorbers. These Eddy load units are two of the largest in the industry, capable of bringing a 600hp car to a dead stop at WOT. What does this mean for you? Control!!! No matter what the power, what the scenario, we can simulate it!

* Base Line (3 Pulls) - $100.00
* Hourly (Min 2 hrs) - $100.00

**For safety reasons, vehicle and dyno will be opperated by dyno opperator, even when tuning yourself.**

Our Tuner
Our tuner specializes in fuel injection and forced induction tuning. With our vast experience in tuning, we can tune just about any software/hardware combinations including:
* HP Tuners (GM/Ford)
* Delta Force Tuning (Ford)
* Hondata (Honda)
* Chrome (Honda)
* Neptune (Honda)
* K-Pro (Honda)
* Flash Pro (Honda)
* ECU Flash (Mitsubishi/Subaru)
* DSM Link (Mitsubishi)
* Tuner Pro (Ford/Chevy/Mitsubishi/Nissan)
* AEM Infinity
* Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner
* EFI-Live
* Hydra EMS
* DIY - PnP
* Megasuirt
* Haltech
* Motec
* Autronic
* Power FC
* F.A.S.T

* Pump Gas, C16, E85, Methanol, Meth Injection
* ITBs
* Nitrous: Wet, Dry, Direct Port


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