3" - 15 Degree Pie Cut (6) Pack Sanitary Tubing

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These are 15 degree pie-cuts perfect for making tight radius bends that traditional bends would not allow. All precision cut, machine deburred, and exactly identical; no more wasting hours at the band saw trying to cut pies for your project. And with simple 15 degree cuts the math is easy (x3 for a 45*, x6 for a 90*).

These are sanitary grade .065" wall thick, 304ss piping. Unlike traditional mandrel bent tubing these do not deform during bending, maintaining a true circular shape throughout the bend as well as uniform thickness.

With traditional mandrel bent tubing the exterior wall stretches during the bend process causing thinner wall material, making it difficult to weld properly; as well as often deforming to an oval shape that does not fit up properly. These pipes are completely uniform, even when cutting in the middle of the bend.

They also feature a sanitary grade brush polish inside and out. Exceptionally high quality materials produce exceptionally high quality welds.

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