1.875" to 1.125" Silicone Reducer

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Joining your intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, air metering assembly, intercooler, BOV pipe, or turbo inlet/outlet.

Custom compressor, intercooler or inlet piping for turbo/supercharged car

Custom cold air intake for nonturbo car

Replacement of all factory rubber parts 
Genuine 4-ply Silicone (5 silicone layers plus 4 reinforcement layers = 9 total layers!) 
Installer can cut silicone parts down to fit with a razor 
Heat tolerance: -40° to 392° Fahrenheit 
Burst Pressure: 200 PSI 
Working Pressure: 50 PSI 
Wall Size: 4 mm – 5 mm 
Compatible with antifreeze/coolant

These silicone parts can be used in trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, or anything else with an engine.

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