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is now offering ALL SUBARU PARTS AT COST for the next six months.

Dear Subaru Owners,

On behalf of the performance and racing industry we would like to extend our condolences and sincerest apologies for those affected by the SL Performance scandal.  Actions that they have taken are not indicative of what this industry represents, nor should they be tolerated.
Unfortunately we too were affected by his actions; both as a shop through unpaid invoices, as well as some of our employees lost significantly on complete engines as we know some of you have.

Because of this UPP would like to extend out our help by offering ALL Subaru parts, regardless of manufacture, at our cost to the community as a whole.  This offer will last for at least the next six months.  Additionally we will extend discounts on labor as much as possible, however our schedule is overly booked at this point.  That being the case we have teamed up with Mike's Japanese who have also agreed to provide discounted labor for those effected by SL Performance.  Mikes Japanese has demonstrated excellence over the years with the Subaru platforms and we are happy to promote them as a business.
***Some vendors have strict MAP pricing policies, however we will do our best to work with these vendors to be able to serve the Subaru community. 

Additionally UPP is working diligently to revamp and restore our Subaru tuning capabilities once again.  For some time we have been referring the Subaru tuning out to other shops in the area, however this seems to have left a lot to be desired in the quality of tuning currently available.  We at UPP believe in truly custom full tuning, not loading pre-done cookie cutter maps and charging customers full price.

- A message from the owner:

"Honestly, working on Subarus wouldn't be my first choice.  But I cannot sit idly by watching these guys continually get screwed and not do something about it.  This leaves a black eye for the industry as a whole and I'm tired of seeing it happen.  Give them everything at cost, we don't need to make a profit, but we do need to try to make this right!"


On behalf of the whole UPP team, we are sorry this has happened, but we are here to help make it right.


Team UPP


KKTV11 News Cast:  SL Performance Theft



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