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Here at UPP we have a lot of experience with full standalone EMS systems. From direct plug and play systems, to full custom wiring from scratch, we can handle the job. We have experience with:

-AEM EMS (Series 1/2)
-AEM Infinity
-Emerald ECU
-Map ECU

We’ve done a lot of testing with the standalone systems, just to see what they’re capable of. For example we run the AEM EMS on our shop 3000GT VR4. In addition to the AEM running the engine, we also have it wired to control: 2-step, Antilag, Rolling-Antilag, Intercooler Sprayer, Nitrous (for spool), Datalog record button, Multi-setting boost control, and a complete dual fuel system (E85 & Methanol), where it transitions between the fuels gradually while driving according to boost settings. This has allowed us to push this little 3.0L engine to an impressive 1033AWHP. So contact us today and one of our experienced technicians can help guide you as to what product/system will work best for your needs.