57 Chevy Sleeper

This is a custom 57' Chevy meticulously built by William (Mr. Bill) Field.  It features a combination of era correct, solid front axle gasser styling with his own personal twist both in form and function.  This was a full restoration by one of Colorado's top 57' Chevy builders for his own personal collection, and nothing was overlooked.

Weight Loss

In order to make this sleeper as quick/light as possible, Bill started by shaving weight anywhere it was feasible.

  •  Aluminum heads, intake, radiator and transmission.
  • No Front bumper
  • No Vent windows
  • No Radio or dash speaker
  • No Dash clock, cigarette lighter, emblem
  • No Grill Bar
  • No Hood/trunk emblems
  • No Side molding
  • No Trunk mat or bumper jack
  • No Spare tire


Next it was time to focus on making as much power as possible while still being mild mannered and streetable.  It's powered by a SBC 350 bored .060 over featuring aluminum heads hand ported by the late Gary Pace @ American Speed Shop, Degreed Comp Thumper cam, roller rockers, Flame Thrower distributor, hand cut piston rings, Port Matched aluminum Air-Gap intake (for today’s fuel), all machine balanced.  The results are a respectable 312whp (416hp) and 337wtq (449tq).




The air is fed through a custom cold air intake with velocity stacks designed by CK at Under Pressure Performance, to a Edelbrock 1406 carburetor.  Generally it's uncommon to see significant gains solely from an intake but with the dual 6" velocity stacks feeding dual 4" intakes, they cram the air through the traditional top mounted air filter (yes, it's still filtered) and into the engine.  The colder air along with the improved straightened airflow resulted in a significant gain on the upper end.





In addition because of the location of the velocity stacks a venturi stacking effect seems to happen where the car gains an additional 8whp with the hood closed!  This was tested multiple times to verify it wasn't some random fluke, and sure enough.....  Testing was even preformed filter-less with the carb open; nothing produced as much power as with the intake on, and the hood closed.




The exhaust features titanium wrapped headers, to dual 2.5" exhaust with an H-pipe, quieted through a pair of Flow Master mufflers.  This is dumped straight out the back through a pair of era correct chrome








In order to squash the engine temps and lower the overall under hood temps additional provisions were made.  The entire radiator support and hood cross brace have been sealed off to prevent short cycling of the air.  A more efficient Aluminum AFCO radiator along with a Flex-a-lite fan and tube grill help pull the heat from the engine.  The headers are covered with titanium heat wrap to drop under hood temps, and the louvered vent hood helps expel what heat there is.  The traditional front "race" fuel tank has been converted to the radiator expansion overflow; keeping the traditional looks but with added function.





Of course with all this speed, safety considerations were also implemented.  The brakes feature dual chamber master cylinder feeding front disc brakes and larger 11" rear drums with 2.5" shoes.  The interior was complemented with a full set of retractable seat belts.  The visibility was upgraded with a pair of quartz headlights and electric wipers.  Keeping the drive train in check is a drive shaft safety loop, and the chassis scrub line has been raised.  All of this enables this 57' Chevy to be NSRA Safety 23 compliant.




The Chassis is a one piece frame, originally assembled in Oakland, CA.  The front is steered by a Speedway straight axle with Chevy spindles (4 3/4 bp).  In the back is a John's 9" with 3.73 gears, 4 3/4 bp, mounted with air shocks to shock relocation bar between frame rails for added strength and a cleaner look.  The power is deliver through a Muncie 4 speed transmission packing a Centerforce dual friction clutch.  A set of old school traction bars with the spring crossover stabilizer bar help deliver the power to the tires, while the Hurst Racing Tires, Pie Crest Cheater Slicks (P235/75R15) on 15” Kidney Bean Gasser Wheels in the back and 15” ET Gasser Wheels (165/80R15) up front help deliver that power to the ground.




Fully restored, and painted to perfection by Mr Bill using Sherwin Williams "Engine Orange" and "Adobe Beige" provided by Tom at ATR Collision.  This car is as near flawless as you could ever expect to see.  With each panel individually given the love and attention it deserved.  Every body line painstakingly aligned to perfection....seriously....the doors fit and close better than they did the day it was new off the factory floor.






If you're looking for something fun, something with form and function, something special, this is the car.  From the nostalgic 57' Chevy chassis, revised with the "gasser" look while further adapting some functional improvements and tasteful performance modifications, this car is clean and quick!